社名 シブサワ・アンド・カンパニー株式会社
Shibusawa and Company, Inc.
所在地 〒102-0093
代表取締役 渋澤健
TEL 03-3556-9970


渋澤 健


経済同友会幹事およびアフリカ開発支援戦略PT副委員長、社会保障委員会の副委員長、岸田政権の「新しい資本主義実現会議」など政府系委員会の委員、UNDP(国連開発計画)SDG Impact Steering Group委員、東京大学総長室アドバイザー、成蹊大学客員教授等。著書に多数。

Ken Shibusawa

Ken Shibusawa founded in 2001, Shibusawa and Company, Inc., a strategic advisory firm for alternative investments, ESG/SDGs alignment and human resource development. He also founded in 2008, Commons Asset Management, a mutual fund dedicated to deliver long term investment opportunities to the Japanese household. In 2021, he joined Brunswick Group as senior advisor. He has extensive market experience at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs as well as Moore Capital, a global macro hedge fund, where he was the representative managing director of the Tokyo Office. He is also director of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) , member of various goverment panels, including Prime Minister Kishida’s Council on New Capitalism, and a steering group member of UNDP SDG Impact. He is also a published author and writes frequently in magazines, journals, and internet media. He was educated in the United States from second grade elementary through college (University of Texas, BS Chemical Engineering, 1983), and then returned again for graduate school (University of California Los Angeles, MBA, 1987).